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Helping Out In A Drought

Danny Nusser, Randall County Extension Board Danny Nusser, Randall County Extension Board
Jose Garcia, NOAA Meteorologist Jose Garcia, NOAA Meteorologist

All the rain we are seeing lately, may not be enough to get the Panhandle out of a drought.   We have seen a lot of rain, but the Panhandle is more than 20 inches short of the rainfall needed to get us back to normal levels.

Danny Nusser with the Randall County Extension Board says he sees the conditions growing daily, "In this area in the state... Panhandle we are no where out of a drought".

Recent storms are bringing some relief to the area. Nusser says the drought is leaving the community anxious about the wet weather, "It was getting critical. Now just a little rainfall things have greened up and started to look pretty."

That's what area farmers would like to continue to see more rain and greener pastures for the area. They say one way everyone can help is conserving rainwater with a rain barrels. "If people in town would collect water use it in beds, lawns. Keep it from flooding down the streets. It solves a lot of problems," Nusser explained.    

Rain barrels range from 30 to 75 gallon drums. Once the rain is collected you can use the rain for lawn care, gardening and in agriculture. Some say it's a good way to save money on water and utilize mother natures resources.

That way during dry weather, less resources will be used. NOAA Meteorologist Jose Garcia says, "We're not tapping into the water in the lake because of the moisture, so folks aren't using the water as much.

In the end everyone will still have to rely on mother nature to bring us the moisture we need, so when it comes down we can take advantage of the moisture and help our area's drought issue. You can purchase a rain barrel online, at a local hardware store or just make one of your own depending on how many gallons you want to conserve... You just need a metal or plastic container to sit outside for long periods of time.

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