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Uninsured in the Southwest Climbing

Don Hollingsworth. Insurance Agent Don Hollingsworth. Insurance Agent

Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico are three of the states with the worst health insurance rates. 30-percent of adults and 18-percent of children in the Southwest US do not have health insurance.

We spoke with a private health insurance agent who says there's one main reason people don't have insurance... The rates are just so high...too high for even some employers to offer benefits to their employees. He says the reason rates are so high is kind of a vicious cycle... We're used to doctor co-pay and prescription co-pays, which are relatively new concepts.

"People had to meet the deductible, which meant in most cases they didn't go to the doctor because they didn't want to pay the deductible. Now, with the low co-pays, it's off to the doctor." Hollingsworth says the insurance rates have more than doubled in recent years.

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