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Texas Geography Adds to High Insurance Rates

The most people without health insurance.... A recent federal study says the Southwest has the lowest insured rates in the nation. The worst states are Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

The reason for the spike in uninsured folks is directly connected to our geography. Private insurance agent Don Hollingsworth says "you have your illegal immigrants who come up who generally don't have insurance and perhaps that's the biggest reason the southern states that border Mexico have the highest uninsured rates."

Those who are uninsured push the rates of those who are insured even higher. Hollingsworth says the rates have changed dramatically in the past few years. "A benchmark in the insurance industry years ago said that if private health insurance or whatever you're paying for health insurance goes more than 5%of your monthly income, it becomes a large part of your budget. Now we're probably looking at closer to 10%.

Several employers in our area say they offer health benefits, but many employees choose not to take them, because they can't afford for the premiums to be taken out of their monthly checks.

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