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People Without Health Insurance a Growing Problem

Brian Steinman Brian Steinman

More than 30% of adults and 18% kids don't have health insurance in this part of the US. Those numbers are the highest in the nation. One of the biggest reasons why people don't have health insurance is because they just can't afford it.

Brian Steinman isn't suprised his employer doesn't provide health insurance. "We drive cattle on trucks and it's not very profitable right now. My boss has looked into it, but it just doesn't make sense for him to pay all of that money when the money just isn't there." So, he doesn't have any health insurance because it's just too expensive. He says it would run between $700 and $800 a month for him and his wife to be insured, and that's just too much. He's not alone.

Many families skip out on trips to the doctor for one reason....they simply can't afford it. Steinman says "It gets to the point where you avoid going the the doctor, you have to save up for an emergency, but in most cases you don't do the things you should, like get regular checkups. It's just not a good thing. The state of Texas is trying to help out the situation through tort reform, which would help lower the insurance inflation rates.

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