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Protecting Your Identity After You Are Gone

Bear Shield Bear Shield
Janna Kiehl, Better Business Bureau Janna Kiehl, Better Business Bureau

Your identity can be stolen not only while you are living but after you have died making it important family members are up to date with your records.

Local security experts tell us many families do not know where to begin when a loved one dies and that is when they become more vulnerable to identity theft.

A local man says he is still living that nightmare.

Loosing two parents in six months has been a great stress for Bear Shield and his family.

"It's just we're looking for the end of it, we're looking for some resolution. It's like we can't finishing grieving for my mother until the last letter comes in and we're sure we've got everything taken care of," he says.

Shield says it would have been much easier if his family had organized guidance.

"Somebody needs to put together a checklist or a packet for grieving families. That OK folks these are the responsibilities you need to meet and this is how you go about meeting them."

The Better Business Bureau says families should regularly discuss preparation for when they are gone.

"Even if you know everything and you discuss it once a year or once in awhile it's good to know what's out there that they might have and if you do that now your loved ones won't have such a hard time later," says Janna Kiehl.

The Security Checklist

*Notify the Social Security Administration of the death. Phone (806) 324-2142

*Write A Letter to the Three Credit Report Bureaus

*Equifax Office of Fraud Assistance P.O. Box 105069 Atlanta, GA 30348

*Experian Office of Fraud Assistance P.O. Box 9530 Allen, TX 75013

*Transunion Office of Fraud Assistance P.O. Box 6790 Fullerton, CA 92634

Credit Bureau Letter

*Person's Full Name

*Address and Phone Number

*Copy of Death Certificate

*Below Your Signature Include Your Full Name, Address, and Phone Number

*Call all banks and credit card companies. Cancel the cards and find out if there was any credit life insurance.

* Contact the person's employer, check on insurance, death benefits, pension funds and unused vacation pay.

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