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Canyon Drought Plan

Canyon residents have not seen what they call a decent rain fall since September, so this weekends rain came as a bit of relief for the area. 

Canyon residents are use to a different type of environment, "Usually we have the drought and the fire hazard with high winds. It's the Panhandle, "explained Annie Jones of Canyon. Even city manager Randy Criswell is not use to seeing rain in Canyon, "We've been watching all these clouds go over every night an rain somewhere but not hit us".

Even though close to 5 inches of rain fell in Canyon, the city is still in a severe drought. During the Canyon Commissioners meeting Monday evening, they implemented a drought plan.  All cities in Texas are required by law to have a drought plan in place.

When rain fell over the weekend commissioners were a little relieved, but are aware the 3 to 5 inches they received was not enough. "The rain was not enough to keep commissioners from implementing a drought plan.  That plan is the first stage to encourage the Canyon community to conserve on water", Criswell said. 

Criswell explains how simple the plan is, "It's not really about drought but water usage. Even though we had rain Friday night. And our water usage will be down. It was still it needed to be on the minds of folks in Canyon".

Even with the reminder of rain and flooding that still lingers in Canyon. Commissioners say it's still very vital to have a drought plan, but residents say they don't need a plan to know to conserve water and keep droughts at bay.

Jones says Canyon Officials have done enough, "They've already made the public aware for years now. I think a lot of people have made small steps to do that".

Canyon commissioners say with the potential of more rain on the way this week.  They will continue to keep the drought plan in place as long as they feel it will encourage people to watch their water use.

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