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Potter County Interim Sheriff Starts Monday

A new sheriff will be sworn in tomorrow for Potter County.

The key he's stressing for the department is change.

There are many people who don't know the new sheriff in town, and that's one of the reason's he's in charge of the Potter County law enforcement right now.

Tomorrow morning Ron Boyter will step out of retirement and step into this building to take control of the Potter County Sheriff Office for six months.

"I'm gonna do what they hired me to do. They hired me for 1 specific purpose and that's to get the sheriff's office back in shape," Boyter said.

Boyter has worked in law enforcement for nearly 30 years, and although he's a native of Amarillo, he's never been associated with the sheriff's office until now.

"I have no ties to anybody in the city or county and I think that's important right now," Boyter said.

He says he's excited about his first day and eager to make changes throughout the agency.

"Main thing I'm gonna demand from everybody there is a loyalty because we've got to have that. I think we have to have respect for ourselves, loyalty and integrity and that's the things I want to instill right off the bat," Boyter said.

He anticipates opening the doors to the sheriff's office and associating with other law enforcement agencies, something he says the last sheriff didn't do.

Boyter also know's his time is limited and wants to work with both candidates in November's sheriff election.

"I plan on doing that this week, meet with both of them and see what their goals are and their desires are like I say it would be useless for me to try and change anything they don't want. And there may be some things they would like for me to change before they get there," Boyter said.

Boyter says citizens will be able to see the changes he wants to make in the department by the end of the summer.

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