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Lake Greenbelt vs. Lake Meredith...Is It All About Water?

Some area boaters are leaving Lake Meredith's marina behind and pushing their boats into the waters of Lake Greenbelt instead.

Newschannel 10 visited Greenbelt today and found the number one reason people are choosing greenbelt over Meredith is because of low water levels.

Today I spoke with an area man who usually goes to Lake Meredith with his son but this year he says he does not plan to go at all.

He says the low water levels have caused his boat to get stuck in the Lake Meredith sandbars several times, putting he and his son's life in jeopardy.

Victor Cuellar says, "I haven't gone off to Lake Meredith this year. Only because I know it's very low and I don't want to put my son in jeopardy. I'm very cautious. I'm a single dad so obviously he's my life and I don't want to take even minute point of putting him in jeopardy. So I just come out here because it's safe, it's safe."

Cuellar says if Meredith's levels rise he may consider visiting this year but says it is not likely.

"With Meredith you just never know the water levels flucuate during different times of the day," says Cuellar.

The Greenbelt staff says they have noticed a steady increase of people like Cuellar this year.

Garrett Bridwell says, "We're seeing alot more people the marinas revenue has already gone up a couple thousand dollars this year."

Game warden Robert Greenwalt says the economy may also be a factor when choosing a lake to visit.

"Of course with the price of gas maybe people are not wanting to travel as far," he says.

The Greenbelt staff says they are preparing for a very busy Fourth of July and have extra law enforcement officers on hand.

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