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Texas Corn Growers See Opportunity From Iowa Floods

This past weeks flooding in several midwestern states has a ripple effect all the way to here in the Panhandle.

Nine percent of Iowa's corn supply has been flooded and that decrease in supply is forcing the demand up.

Now local farmers hope the price of that demand will help them make an unexpected extra profit.

"Now, hopefully we'll have enough of a crop left over after we meet our forward contract that we can enjoy some of the fruits from the high prices. with today's rising input costs we certainly need to enjoy," said Billy Brown a State Director for the Texas Farm Bureau and a Panhandle Farmer.

The benefit from higher prices will help corn growers because they are having a harder and harder time making a profit as the cost of growing corn has skyrocketed.

"The price of growing corn has gone up dramatically because our inputs are petrolium based in other words energy and the price of oil has directly effected the cost of us raising a crop whether it's for food or lifestock," said Brown.

Billy Bob Brown, like many local corn growers, is hoping he can sell the portion of his crop that isn't already contracted out, for a higher price as a result of the flooding.

Without this natural disaster indirectly helping his pocketbook he might have to stop growing corn.

"We're gonna have to look at it next year because of the dramatic rise we're gonna have to take a projection to see what the price of corn is as oppose to the input price. some of our diesel and fertilizer has just doubled and trippled," said Brown.

Brown tells us the costs from planting, to growing to harvesting are causing a farm crisis because corn growers are reaching a point where they just can't make a living anymore.

He says only time will tell if corn is still grown here in the Panhandle.

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