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New Interim Sheriff In Town

Ron Boyter Ron Boyter

Potter county has a new sheriff, Amarillo native Ron Boyter. It took Potter County commissioners eight hours to select interim Sheriff Ron Boyter.

They spent all of Friday questioning, debating and discussing the options for the position. Some commissioners say it was the longest meeting ever.  In the end, Boyter won the vote for office 3 to 2.

Some commissioners say they wanted a fresh start for potter county, an outsider who they say has no ties to the former sheriff. Commissioner Joe Kirkwood said, "Our desire to remove that cloud of off suspicion the entire department. We needed something fresh from the outside".

Boyter says he is excited about the new position, but knows there are a lot of challenges ahead of him. "The biggest goal right now is to restore the integrity. Try to get the public involved and one of the big things is open the sheriff's door to every agency," Boyer said.

The interim sheriff Boyer will be in charge of the Potter County Sheriff's Department for the next six months. Until November when potter county residents can elect a new sheriff.   That fresh face, Ron Boyter, has worked with the governor and the Texas department of public safety for several years.

The new sheriff says he's here to work towards the future of potter county. "There's a lot things I have to check with the 2 individuals who are in the race. I think their input in this is important. What good would the changes be if it's something they did not want what's going to make it work from here through their terms," Boyter Said. 

Captain Roger Haney did tell us he respects the commissioners decision and will do what he can to help interim Sheriff Boyter.

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