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Gas Consumption Down

Texans are making smarter choices when it comes to gasoline consumption.

That is what Texas comptroller Susan combs is saying today after her visit with the Amarillo Rotary Club.

Last month Texans' gasoline consumption fell roughly 44 million gallons in April according to comptroller Susan combs.

She says many Texans are trading in their cars for more fuel efficient models but more noticeably drivers are planning their trips in advance.

"People are seeing that they are using less gas. We are finally seeing a slight reduction in gasoline demand," she says, "Which means people are either carpooling more or their either coordinating their purchases or their time out."

Combs says this summer she predicts you will be paying at least $5 a gallon but says prices should eventually drop.

Since legislators are not in session no fuel tax breaks can be expected until lawmakers meet again in January.

As a reminder to improve your gas efficiency AAA recommends you avoid quick starts and stops, keep your tires properly inflated, clean out your vehicle's trunk, and sign up for gas rebate programs.

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