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Parmer County Hail Damage

A hail storm showed no mercy for some farmers in Parmer county. As baseball sized hail fell, Rusty Whitt says at first he was worried about his finances.

"Yeah, I guess number one is my finaces." But as the hail continued to fall he says it became emotionally frustrating.

"I think as a farmer it probably hurts your feelings and hurts your moral. That's probably what it does more than anything. And this year with gas prices things are out of sight and it just feels like you're being kicked while your down."

And there is little Whitt can do.

Damage assessor Monti Vandier says he does not know of an insurance company that will completely cover a destroyed crop.

"And that's where the secondary crops come in. You gotta figure out to use those imputs that you've already got into it. And you'll never be as efficient. This is the type of put you out of business hail."

And replanting is something Whitt is considering. Crops most likely to yield a profit this late in the season include black-eyed peas and sunflowers. Vandier says most farmers are planning to keep what they have and hope insurance will pay enough to keep them afloat.

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