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IHOP Shut Down Due to Salmonella

A salmonella outbreak has shutdown the "IHOP" on Western Street in Amarillo.

The Health Department is investigating nine cases linked to the restaurant. She did not want to appear on camera but says the Panhandle needs to be warned.

After hearing of the nine confirmed cases of salmonella linked to IHOP Michelle O'Grady says she is upset it took three weeks for the restaurant to be closed.

"That's a long time. I feel like someone frail already and sick they could very easily die from this. I wasn't going to go to the doctor and i got so sick they made me go. I was watching the news and listening to how people had died and i though well i might be one of those people."

O'Grady's mother says she knows of at least five people who had eaten at IHOP within the last three weeks and is frustrated as well.

Amelia McCauley says, "I'm angry about it. I though the Health Department would tell us if something was wrong and try to prevent some of this you know, people can die and it's not worth the paper work. "

O'Grady says, "I just think that anyone who gets those sympthoms should go to the doctor immediately and not wait. It's probably not the flu."

Officials are still investigating the cause of the outbreak. It has not been linked to the IHOP on Ross-Osage.

If you are sick with diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever or vomiting please call your family doctor.

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