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Oklahoma Panhandle's Drought Seeks Federal Aid

Farmers and ranchers in the Oklahoma panhandle are in desperate need of federal aid.

That's what Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry says in a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture today.

One USDA official says for the past year Cimarron County has been bubble wrapped... Because there is practically no moisture anywhere.

And the agriculture community is having a hard time staying afloat.

In Cimarron County like most of northwest Oklahoma, farmers and ranchers are struggling to make profits.

Usually when one industry is down the other will thrive, but this year both are bad.

"There's people that sold everything they own. they're just out it's not feasible to feed through a drought it's not cost effective," said Cole Twombly, a Cimarron County Farmer and Rancher.

Drought has left land vacant and unable to sustain growth because it just will not rain.

"We had about two inches of moisture since July. Nothing grows and in agriculture something has to grow," Twombly said.

Since nothing will grow, cattle do not have any pasture land and farmers are being left will bills they can't pay.

"You never can stop the problem. This is production agriculture. You are more than likely a big gambler with the respect that you bet on mother nature, you're just hoping that next year is a good year," said Stephen Vaughan of the USDA in Boise City.

Cole Twombly told me he recently dug into the ground and after six feet there still wasn't moisture in the dirt.

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