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Shumate Sentencing

Former Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate starts his first day of 180 days in jail, after weeks worth of testimony, deliberation and sentencing the case is closed. Attorneys spent hours Tuesday morning deliberating the terms of Mike Shumate's punishment. He was found guilty of engaging in criminal activity involving bribery, late Thursday night.

The all female jury never expected to take on the public corruption against former Potter County Sheriff Shumate,  when they showed up for jury duty two weeks ago.  Juror Jeanne McCUbbin,  explains how they felt. "This was a strong compassionate jury," McCubbin said regarding the women in the jury.

It's a case prosecutor's say took more than two years to investigate and was not easy for anyone involved.  Assistant Texas Attorney General said, "It can be very difficult. There's a lot of paperwork a lot of necessary witnesses. It was a difficult case to try".

Dozens of witnesses took the stand including Shumate's ex-wife Beverly Shumate, those who worked with him such as Ken Farren, Captain Dennis Horn and county judges. All agreeing how emotionally charged the controversial case was.

Glickler agreed with the witnesses, "When a highly elected official is on trial. That alone is enough to be a dark cloud over the county".

In the end Shumate's future was left in the hands of these twelve women. "The charges against him were not taken lightly. The jury deliberated long and hard on each charge. Measuring all the evidence provided against each charge to reach a decision", McCubbin explains.

That decision found Shumate guilty of bribery, fined $5000, eight years of probation and sentenced to 6 months in a jail similar to the one he once served.

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