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Toxic Fillings...A Risk to Your Child's Health?

The mercury in dental fillings may have toxic effects on fetuses and young children.

That's what U.S. Regulators are saying after a legal settlement between the Food and Drug Administration and the Moms Against Mercury Organization.

By next summer the FDA will be able to regulate dental amal or "fillings" made of liquid mercury and metal powder.

The Moms Against Mercury say the mercury vapor found in these fillings can harm a fetus or child's development.

Local dentist Dr. Charles Pybus, who says he has patients who insist on removing their mercury fillings after doing research, believes they are over reacting.

"What I share with my patients is as long as they know the risks and want a white colored filling I'm happy to do that."

Dr. Pybus says replacing a filling will continue to break down the tooth and by doing that a tooth may become irritated or bothersome.

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