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Childress Recovers After High Winds Damage the City

"It got all over town you know North to South, East to West it got the whole city," Childress City Manager Jerry Cummings said.

Clean-up efforts were everywhere around Childress today.

Winds over 80 miles per hour wreaked havoc on a majority of the city leaving many residents shocked at mother natures fury.

"I have never seen a storm like this in childress in all my live, never," said Cheryl Franco, the manager of Cottage Village, a retirement community in Childress.

Windows have been blown out of many homes, that's to match the trees stripped of leaves and branches and left looking tired from the forces blowing in the night.

Even buildings crumbled at will last night.

Richard Proffit's roof blew off his house while he was inside.

"Soon as the roof lifted up we tried to get to the bathroom but we couldn't because of the hail and sheetrock and stuff falling down so we went to the back utility room and stayed there until it was all over with," Proffit said.

He Knows he and his wife are not alone unlike past storms this one hit the whole town.

"We're not the only one's hurting, it's all over town from here clear on down to the south side of town is damaged," he said.

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