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Smishing: New Cell Phone Scam

Janna Kiehl , Better Business Bureau Janna Kiehl , Better Business Bureau
Corporal Jerry Neufeld, Amarillo Police Department Corporal Jerry Neufeld, Amarillo Police Department

Identity thieves have found a new way to get to your personal information through your cell phone.

It's called smishing and you don't have to use your computer to be vulnerable to online scammers.

The new threat is with cell phone users, identity thieves are texting consumers trying to trick them into revealing personal information through text messages. They send a message asking you to verify private information or to sign up for a service through your cell phone, which contains a viruses.

Janna Kiehl with the Better Business Bureau says consumers have to be alert all the time to prevent falling victim to identity thieves. Kiehl explains, "Identity theft is just rampant. Now they do it thorough text as well as emailing and their fishing for information. When people respond... It's a cash cow for these guys". She says scams are constantly evolving and if you have questions call the Better Business Bureau 379-7133.

Authorities say if you think you have fallen victim to smishing... Don't wait to report it. Corporal Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department says do not hesitate to report any type of identity theft.  "You can file a report with us or file a report with the federal trade commission or FTC... They can flag your account," Cpl. Neufeld advises all consumers.

Both agree that consumers have to stay pro-active... Keeping personal information safe. You can request a free credit report once a year. Also, don't respond to text messages if you do not know the sender.

We have included links for you to go to to find out if your a victim of Identity theft and what you can do.

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