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New Traffic Light to Help Swift Workers

In an effort to stop the deaths of Swift workers who cross the busy Highway 287 on their way to work, the City of Cactus could be getting a new addition to it's landscape.

TxDOT wants to put in a blinking traffic light across from the plant. Over the past nine years, thirteen people have died crossing Highway 287 on thier way to work at Swift, with the latest victim being hit just about two weeks ago. TxDOT officials say latest victim was the last straw and they're hoping a blinking light will encourage drivers to slow down as they approach the intersection.

It's a combined effort between the City of Cactus, Moore County and Swift. All three will help pick up the project's estimated 18-thousand dollar check. Each entity will be paying five thousand dollars a piece, for a total of 15-thousand dollars and TxDOT will be picking up the rest.

There's a catch though... This plan still has to be approved by the City of Cactus. TxDOT tells me they've seen a very positive response from the community, so they anticipate it's approval.

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