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Save Money on Groceries

The average American family spends three times as much money on food each week than they do on gasoline. With both reaching record highs, it's putting some major pressure on the pocketbook. 

Despite food prices being the highest they've been in almost two decades, there are ways that you can stretch your dollar and still get everything you need. Skyrocketing food prices are hitting amarillo residents hard.

Graciela Granados says "it's terrible". It's a very straightforward problem...James Gitchell says, "buying less, not getting as much. Putting less bags in the cart but you're spending more."

There are some straightforward solutions... The number one rule...Never shop hungry... You'll end up buying things you really don't need. Second, leave the kids at home... Your little helpers have a knack for talking you into buying pricey items that aren't on your list.

Shop like you read... Left to right. Often times lower prices are on the left and higher prices on the right. When it comes to buying in bulk, check the unit price of items... Bigger isn't always better. Often times grocery stores put the most expensive items at eye, level where they're easy to see. So the best to look for a down. Check out the bottom shelf for the best deal.

And the cardinal rule of grocery shopping...never underestimate the power of coupons. If you haven't thrown out today's paper yet, grab those scissors and start clipping away... It could save you hundreds of dollars a month. If you don't get the paper, you're not missing out on can print coupons off the internet. Check out websites like,, or often times your individual grocery store will have coupons on their websites.

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