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Save Money at the Grocery Store

Food prices are at their highest mark in nearly seventeen years...and they're expected to jump at least another 6% by the end of this year. 

In just the past twelve months, the price of eggs has increased by more than than 30% and the price of dairy by 12%. It's those increasing prices that are causing some to make grocery shopping a rare occurence.

Graciela Granados says "where we used to go every week for groceries, now we wait until they are all out and then we'll go." Other shoppers, like James Gitchell, are hoping changing the brand of food they buy will help their dollar go further.

"There are certain items I've started to go generic on, like today I'm going generic on the bread." Here's an interesting fact for you... The average american family spends three times as much money on food each week as they do on gasoline. 

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