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Home-Made Hydrogen Unit Can Save You Bundles

Using hydrogen in your vehicle is becoming increasingly popular as the cost of gasoline continues to rise.  

In six to eight weeks Mike Bahn expects to have several mechanics trained and ready to install a hydrogen unit he helped design.

While using hydrogen to get better gas mileage is nothing new he says high gas prices make now an ideal time to introduce the idea again.

"We just want to help our local region as soon as we get mechanics trained, " he says, "We think we will give you at least a 50% or better fuel economy."

Bahn says using the unit makes your car more environmentally friendly as well. "Of course it's cleaner burning, it will help clean your engine, the engine we anticipate will last longer, because it's going to take the carbons out and the exhaust is much cleaner. "

But he does not recommend the unit for everyone because it costs $1600 to buy and install and you must drive about 1200 miles before you break even.

"A little old lady that drives her car three blocks to the grocery store, we wouldn't want her to buy one of these. We'd want someone who uses their car out on the road as much as possible," he says. 

Another local man is using a hydrogen unit he made on his own and says with one trip to a home improvement store anyone can build one.

Steve McCune says,"You take distilled water, send it through a electrically charged plates, and you pull that water molecule apart and then the hydrogen and the oxygen gas state comes up. And so you draw that into your air intake and the first thing that happens is the hydrogen ignites so fast it burns all of the gas that goes into the motor."

to build one yourself visit:

www. Hydrogencarsnow.com


www.youtube.com and search "hydrogen car"

e-mail hydrobook@yahoo.com

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