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Over the Counter Paternity Test

Local lawyer Wade Byrd Local lawyer Wade Byrd

Paternity test collection kits are available over the counter for the first time in Texas.

For $30 at CVS Pharmacy you can purchase a paternity test that claims to report results within three to five days.

Local lawyer Wade Byrd says since the product requires no documentation he advises against using it in court. "If it is going to be admissible in a court of law we have to make sure it's done right. And that somebody can testify that it was all done right. And somebody can testify I knew what I was doing, i've done this before...and I don't know that the average person can do that.

However, Byrd says there are specific clients he may recommend Identigene to.

"Yes, in a rare circumstance unless they want it to be discreet, they don't want to go to the clinic, this isn't a test I would use, now I may use it for other purposes like negotiating with the attorney that hey we've done the test we know it's not going to be the child, or we've done the test and we know it is going to be the child."

He says using Identigene in court is also more expensive in the long run and does not currently have the authenticity that traditional methods do.

For more information visit www.DNATesting.com


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