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Texas governor vows to rebuild burned mansion

The Associated Press reports, Gov. Rick Perry said he's heartbroken over the burned Governor's Mansion and vowed that the 152-year-old landmark where he raised his children will be rebuilt.

"Whatever it costs, we will find the resources to do that," Perry said Wednesday, speaking publicly for the first time since a fire destroyed much of the home early Sunday.

Federal, state, and local law enforcement officers mingled around the mansion behind the governor, still investigating the fire believed to be arson.

Perry had been out of the country since the fire left the home charred and partially collapsed. He returned Tuesday night and went straight to the house, which sits across from the Texas Capitol.

He seemed sentimental as he talked about Christmas decorations and parties at the mansion and the generations of children who have slid down the banister and played in the yard.

"As a Texan, I'm angry. I'm angry that part of our state's heritage has been attacked," he said. "As governor, I'm saddened that a place that my family has called home, that our children literally grew up in, has been so badly damaged."

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video from the night of the fire and believe they have identified a person of interest in some of the footage. The mansion was surrounded by Department of Public Safety troopers when the fire broke out. Perry refused to discuss details of the investigation.

"We'll restore this house," he said. "We'll renew this property. We'll rebuild this magnificent structure so that future generations can stand where we stand today in awe of an extraordinary history of a powerful and interesting tradition of Texas independence and freedom."

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