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Pharmacies Could Be in Trouble

Pharmacist Brent Dance Pharmacist Brent Dance
Pharmacist Robin Johnson Pharmacist Robin Johnson

You could be driving a little farther to have your prescriptions filled in the near future. That's if proposed legislation passes that will decrease Medicaid reimbursement to pharmacies, forcing many of them to close.

Rural, small town, little man pharmacies if you will, are the ones who will really suffer if this legislation passes. We spoke with two pharmacies in Amarillo who say they're doing everything they can to brace for the additional costs. 15-20 percent of Brent Dance's customers have at least some sort of their medicine paid for my Medicaid. So if the legislation passes that would cut his reimbursement from the government by 36%, it will hurt. "We wouldn't close down because we have enough diversity in our customer base, but it will adversly affect us because it will make access to medication hard for those who have Medicaid."

Pharmacist Robin Johnson, owner of King's Compounding Pharmacy, describes the potential situation she's facing as having "disastrous proportions". She said this 36% decrease will only add insult to injury. "Pharmacists across the state are already donating their time filling prescriptions for patients with Medicaid, donating the technician's time too."

While Johnson says King's Pharmacy won't close down, she's not as optimistic about others. "Its going to be a final blow for a lot of pharmacies." Even without the additional decrease, Kings Pharmacy is already making cutbacks...they're being forced to stop free delivery and mailing service.

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