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Acts of Vandalism on the Rise

A lack of child supervision may be the reason vandalism is on the rise.

During the first week of June 94 acts of vandalism were reported to the Amarillo Police Department.

That is 30 more reports than filed exactly one year ago.

The department tells me acts of vandalism are continuing to rise each year especially during the summer months.

While there is no way to prevent crimes from happening Sergent Randy Tenbrink says taking precautions will lower your risk of becoming a victim.

"On the part of the victims if you can put your property in a garage, get that stuff put away. If you've got a car garage you can clean that out and if you can get your car in it, get your car in it. Bicycles...anything you have out in the yard put it away. Vandalism is a hard crime to tackle."

Sergent Tenbrink says the most common complaints are of vandals shooting out car windows, throwing eggs at property and tagging buildings with spray paint.

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