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Water Wasters is Working!!, 6-10-08

With water usage at it's highest yet this year, water wasting is becoming a bigger issue than ever before. It's time now for our continuing series...Water Wasters. Newschannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos is on assignment and spent Tuesday tracking down water wasters in Amarillo. and joins us live now in the studio with what she found out.

After our segment last week, my inbox was flooded with emails. So for Tuesday's segment, I picked two of those emails and called the businesses to see what they're doing to stop wasting water. I called around to businesses you told me were wasting water, wanting answers. First to get a phone call from me today...Subway on Western and Hillside. The problem... Misguided sprinkler heads. A viewer sent me an email showing that their sprinklers were watering more road than grass. I'm told they fixed the problem and they will no longer be watering the road.

Next on my call list...Love's convenience store in East Amarillo. The problem this time...sprinkler water not only watering the sidewalk but broken sprinklers shooting water out and forming puddles on the pavement. I called several times, but I'm still waiting on a phone call back from their corporate office.

I really appreciate all the phone calls and emails from you about water wasters, but for Water Wasters to be as effective as it can be, I need you to send in pictures along with those emails. So, please keep on sending them my way...email me at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.

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