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Thornberry Pushes for Vote on Energy Bill

More U.S. drilled oil is the answer... That is what area Congressman Mac Thornberry says.

Thornberry's bill would increase wind turbines, lower emissions and produce oil on U.S. soil.

He along with other house republican leaders filed a discharge petition today on behalf of the "No More Excuses Energy Act" to get it voted on.

Thornberry says, "It seems to me that, we are very good around here at pointing the fingers or blame, on China, or the oil companies or OPEC... But there were decisions made by this congress that made this problem worse. Some things we can't control but some things we can and I think it's time for no more excuses about why this congress doesn't take action to produce more energy of all kinds here at home."

The petition means Democratic leaders will have to vote on the bill.

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