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Shumate Trial: Day 7, Money Issues In Shumate Trial

Missing money and inaccurate accounts and some blame Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate for not taking responsibility.

Close to 3 million dollars is what Mid-America food service stand to gain through the contract prosecutors say Sheriff Shumate approved.   Some say, that money reportedly made its way back to the Sheriff.

Witnesses testified Tuesday, they discovered several inaccuracies in the software accounting program that Mid-America provided Potter County jail in food service and commissary programs.  They say the inaccuracies left money missing and confusion for bookkeepers to locate the money from the accounts.

Mid-America is the company that serviced the Potter County jail, which Sheriff Shumate is accused of taking bribes and illegal campaign contributions.

The defense team says all the money was accounted for. They claim the problem was not with the software, but what they say was the inexperienced worker that handled the bookkeeping software. They say any problems that occurred with services and software Mid-America company provided, were handled immediately by Sheriff Shumate.

Defense attorneys are getting ready to defend their client, Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate.  Prosecutors wrapped-up Tuesday presenting the last of their witness testimony and evidence, Tuesday afternoon.  The state called close to ten witnesses to testify against Sheriff Shumate.

The all female jury listened to what some witnesses considered difficult testimony to give because of close relationships they had with sheriff Shumate. Prosecutors listed the millions of dollars the food service company gained with the services they provided the Potter County jail. Also the thousands of dollars prosecutors say Shumate received by promoting the company to the county.

Defense attorneys rebutted giving the judge motions to find Sheriff Shumate "not guilty" because they felt not enough evidence was provided. The other motion said the food service company Mid-America was not considered a corporation in the state of Texas.

Defense attorney's have their chance to defend their client.... Sheriff Shumate who is not expected to take the stand in his trial... First thing Wednesday morning.

We will keep you updated on the developments and information on this trial as it progresses.

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