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Amarillo Will Soon Get More Water

The water outlook for Amarillo is not looking good... Lake Meredith is drying up and Amarillo residents are using more water everyday.

So, the city has come up with a plan to help with the water shortage. The city is in the middle of installing six water wells that will pump three million more gallons into Amarillo everyday. While three million gallons seems small compared to the 70-odd million gallons we use daily, water officials say that every drop counts.

Until now, the Ogallala Aquifer is the only one we've tapped into in Amarillo. That's all changing now, with the city building water wells that tap into the Santa Rosa Aquifer, located just below the Ogallala. The city has owned this land since 1927, but they've been waiting for the perfect time to build the wells, and now is that time for several reasons. Director of Utilities Emmett Autrey says "we're going after the Santa Rosa now because it's there and because it's easily accesible and it's easy to bring it into town.

With Lake Meredith in the condition its in, the water will be there when we need it, especially this summer." On Monday, the trenches were dug to put in the pipes that will transport the water. When all is said and done the pipes will form a pipeline that's more than thirteen thousand feet in length, and connect the well to the pump station. The project, which is expected to be finished by July 17th, will cost around 2.3 million dollars, and you're helping to pay for it.

"Revenues from water rates, the money they people pay for their water bills are what is funding this project." The Santa Rosa aquifer should supply the city with an addition 3 million gallons per day for at least the next fifty years.

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