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Shumate Trial: Day Six, Jury Back To Work In Shumate Trial

When there were problems with a food services company...Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate did not take action. That is what witnesses said on the stand Monday in the trial against the sheriff.

Former Chief Deputy Ken Farren and Captain Dennis Horn along with financial employees testified about Sheriff Shumate's attitude in the office and towards the food service contract, which prosecutors claim Shumate help promote because of bribes.

Prosecutors called Farren and Captain Horn to testify and both witnesses said on the stand that is was very difficult for them to do (testify).

They testified about procedure problems they encountered with Mid-Aamerica...even a situation where they thought Mid-America owners were trying to bribe Sheriff Shumate with a $10,000 campaign contribution.

Defense teams changed their angle during the cross examination, questioning the accounting and how quickly Shumate addressed the problems with the company. They claim Sheriff Shumate addressed problems with the company immediately with letters and phone calls...and even threatened to cancel the contract with the food service company.

We'll continue to bring you coverage of the trial all week long as the trial progresses.

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