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Lounge Permit Withdrawn

James Metcalf James Metcalf
Annette Johnson Annette Johnson
Velra Walls Velra Walls

The application for a potentially controversial lounge in Northeast Amarillo is withdrawn today.

The attorney for Jefferson Highway investments says he and his client were not given a chance to properly present their request to the community.

Residents say the safety of neighborhood children is their number one concern.

James Metcalf says, "The big issue is the safety of our children because it's so close to an elementary school. I mean it's less than a block away from an elementary school."

Annette Johnson says, "People they shoot people, drunk driving especially and like I said we have lots of kids you know driving bikes...shootings, fights, that is just too too much."

Velra Walls says she supports the lounge that would have been on Northeast 24th and Grand because it will be convenient and the local children are smart enough to know right from wrong.

"It'd be cool. They've got pretty good parents and they know right from wrong and what they're supposed to do and come dark thirty they're not out."

Other residents expressed concern they were only given 3 days before the proposal went to a vote.

Many say they were unaware of the proposal or that the letter they received was very confusing. The most popular alternative for the space is the opening of a restaurant .

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