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Shumate Trial: Day 6

Broken friendships, big egos and affairs.. All testimony given today by former Chief Deputy Mike Farren.

Ken Farren gave testimony on Sheriff Shumate's attitude in the office, and an alleged affair between Shumate and an employee.

Once again the character of Shumate's ex-wife came into question. Prosecutors asked Farren about his friendship with Beverly Shumate, her credibility, and presence in the sheriff's department.

He also testified on an incident where Sheriff Shumate turned down an offer of 10 thousand dollars by one of Mid America's owners because Shumate thought he was being set up.

Farren explained why he resigned which he blames a controversy over Mid America and the sheriff's ego in the office.

When defense attorny's crossed examined Farren he said Beverly Shumate was a manipulator, and a liar.

Now the defense team turns thier focus to the service and computer Mid America provided Potter County.

Today's testimony once again pointed out the problems with service software in the computer that was used by Sheriff Shumate.


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