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Make Sure You Don't Get the Wrong Prescription

Target Pharmacist, Lesley Brown Target Pharmacist, Lesley Brown

Getting the wrong prescription at the pharmacy's a growing concern and it could be deadly. We've all probably done it... pick up your medicine at the pharmacy, read the dosage instructions and then take it...trusting that you're taking what the doctor intended for you to take.

But you shouldn't be so trusting. 1.5 million Americans are accidentally given the wrong prescription every year. To make sure you aren't one of them, there are a few easy things you can do.

For starters, if you take medication monthly, pay attention to what the pill looks like, and if it's different, don't be afraid to ask why. Target pharmacist Lesley Brown says "Generic brands often use different colored or shaped pills than the big name brands. If your pill looks different than the one you had last time you filled your prescription it's probably just a change in the manufacturer, but you should always ask your pharmacist to take the bottle off the shelf and double check just to make sure it's the same thing as you already have at home.

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