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Job Fair Could Send Shockwaves Into Other Industries

One local oil and gas company found itself with nearly a dozen more employees today.

Some economic experts say the Panhandle is starting to see something the rest of the state has already experienced, jobs are abundant but workers are not.

Today in Amarillo an oil and gas company was recruiting workers to make a life choice.

Good pay, for relocating to Perryton to work in an oil field.

And many people jumped at the chance.

"It's a good job for the future, It's good benefits good pay," said Marvin Daniels, who's quitting his job at the Swift Plant in Cactus. 

"It's good to make money do something with a company a company like this you can go a long ways," said Jake Mize, a recent graduate of Amarillo College. 

It's not a new trend by signing up to work on an oil rig, it's once again a rising industry.

"The oil and gas industry is booming, it has been for a couple years now their's great job opportunities in Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma," said Teresa Douthitt, the project manager for today's hiring fair.

Amarillo has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state, along with Midland and Odessa.

The Permian Basin has seen many non-skilled jobs remain open because people are choosing to head out to the oil fields.

Rural jobs like this still have the need for workers and with events like today they're looking into populated areas for workers.

"Lots of need for lots of people and most of the time the places we're working Perryton, Texas for example isn't a big town so it doesn't have a large work force so sometimes we see the need has outgrown what the local community can provide."

Today there was no lack of willing people to try their hand at a new profession, leaving old ones behind.

"I'm going to give them a 2 week notice then jump on the band wagon to the oil field," Daniels said.

 The manager at SOS Staffing said a good day at a hiring fair usually consists of about four people.

Today 11 applicants were given tentative offers.

Next step is more paperwork and background checks, then those 11 will be heading off to the oil field.

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