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How The Inmate Escaped

We wanted to know how exactly barnes escaped from the Potter County courtroom. It all happened in Judge Don Emerson's 320th District Courtroom. But he is out of town so Judge Richard Dambold is filling in for him.

Dambold says he was reviewing Barnes' 2 cases when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He says, "I saw him running out of the courtroom. The bailiff was chasing him and he ran out. And that was it."

The bailiff says he was unarmed and Barnes was not restrained in any way. He says both are totally normal.

Inmates usually do not have any kind of restraint on them while in court and the bailiff does not carry a gun in the courtroom. He says it is safer that way.

The bailiff also says he does not believe today's incident will change any of that.  

I also spoke with a district judge and he says each judge decides how he wants to handle security in his own courtroom.

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