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Cancer Survival Rates Up

Cancer survival rates are steadily rising and doctors say that trend will continue.

In observation of Cancer Survivor's Day we spoke with two oncologists who attribute scientific research and new technology to the success of cancer treatments.

Dr. Stewart Sharp says,"There's a lot of work being done on vaccines that recognize unique antigens or characteristics of the tumor cell and offer us the opportunity to use the body's own immune system in fighting the cancer cell."

Oncologist Brian Pruitt says new medications are also instrumental in survival rates. But he says although rates are up so are the number of people being diagnosed with cancer.

"There are more cancers being developed and partly that's because of affluence, he says, "People being obese or over weight that increases peoples chances of getting cancer or dying of it. Certainly tobacco use you know the things that cause cancer aren't going away it's just that we have better treatments."

Dr. Pruitt says advances in radiation technology and identification of cancerous genes are also major contributors to success.

The best treatment according to both doctors is early diagnosis.

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