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City Landfill Blows Trash in Residents Backyards

Salvatore Lazzaro Salvatore Lazzaro
Roy Beeson, Amarillo Landfill Assistant City Manager Roy Beeson, Amarillo Landfill Assistant City Manager

Trash piling up in your backyard is never a good thing...but what if the trash wasn't even yours? That's the situation for several residents who live near the Amarillo landfill.

We had several viewers call with complaints the garbage from the landfill is being blown into their backyards, so we went to one of their houses, as well as the landfill today to take a look at the situation. Piles of the city's trash in the landfill...gross, right? Now imagine it piling up in your backyard. Salvatore Lazzaro says "[my backyard] is a natural environment that doesn't look too natural anymore." By the time we got to his house on Thursday, he'd already cleaned up all the trash, but "[on Wednesday] my front yard was covered in plastic bags and garbage. I have to spend an hour or so cleaning it all up."

The city recognizes the problem and says they're doing all they can to correct it. Amarillo Landfill Assistant City Manager says they have "18 foot blow fences around the perimeter, portable wind screens and we do daily cover. We've got guys covering it as fast as we can." Still, there's one force they can't contend with - that wild, West Texas wind. Lazzaro knows the wind plays a role, but wishes the city would do more, especially since his house is now for sale.

Just to give you an idea of exactly how much garbage we're talking about... I'm told on an average day the city landfill brings in around 900 tons of trash...that's about ten pounds for every person who lives in Amarillo.

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