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Shumate Trial: Day 4, Key Witness Gives Testimony In Trial

A controversial witness in the case against Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate, has her day in court.

Key witnesses took the stand and the credibility of a key witness, that's been under scrutiny had her chance to speak out.

Prosecutors called witness Beverly Shumate to the stand Thursday afternoon. She answered questions about her ex-husband, trip and restaurants they ate in with Mid-America owners.  The company is accused of bribing Sheriff Shumate to win food and commissary contracts with the Potter County Jail.

When the defense had their chance to cross-examine the topic changed to drugs, drugs, divorce and infidelity. The Defense team claims she is the one who initiated the investigation and worked as an informant for the FBI

Prosecutors insist the case against Shumate was open prior to any questioning or involvement with Shumate's ex-wife.

Other witnesses took the stand... former Mid-America employees in accounting computer services and a credit card representative were in court.  The state's witness talked about details of cash and credit card transactions. Along with the computers they say were used as incentives in contracts with mid America food services.

Witnesses also testified that the services Mid-America provided were not up to standard, while Summate defended the services and contracts.

The defense attorneys say there is no connection of bribery or illegal contributions from the evidence the state provided. While Prosecutors say they have provided substantial evidence proving other-wise.

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