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Shumate Trial: Day 3, Drugs, Infidelity & Wire Tapping Take Stage in Trial

Drugs, infidelity, and wire tapping, all topics involved in the public corruption case against Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate.

The lead FBI agent in this case has been on the witness stand all day, prosecutors went over receipts and transactions, while the defense team took a different angle Wednesday afternoon.

Sheriff Shumate's attorney's questioned the FBI witness claiming the motives behind the investigation were not about bribery or illegal campaign contributions but false accusations involving sheriff Shumate with drugs.

Defense attorney's focused on Shumate's ex-wife who denied the sheriff's involvement with drugs, but did wire tap his home, car, and office looking for signs of infidelity.

Prosecutors are standing firm that this investigation was not started by the sheriff's ex wife. The FBI agent did question her and she did assist agents in collecting evidence.

Tons of evidence and testimony was given to the court by prosecutors and the FBI witness.   The focus changed quickly from the evidence to creditability of a witness who didn't even take the stand.

Prosecutor discussed very briefly with the FBI witness about Sheriff Shumates ex-wife.

When it came time for the defenses cross examination the FBI agent answered numerous questions regarding her credibility, sources and the evidence she helped investigators collect.

Defense attorneys say the ex-wife's motive for helping prosecutors is questionable.

Prosecutor's evidence consisted of bank transactions, receipts and credit card statements. The defense presented transcripts from Potter County Commissioner meetings.

Prosecutors say the evidence and shumate's ex-wife's interview with FBI agents can be corroborated through interviews linking her, the sheriff and Mid-America owners.

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