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Investigation Underway For Possible Rabies Case

An investigation is underway in Hutchinson County to see wether or not a coyote is infected with rabies.

Stinnett police say the coyote entered a residential backyard Tuesday morning, and according to the homeowner, was acting suspiciously. The coyote was euthanized and sent to Austin to see if it was infected with rabies.

The Department of State Health Services is urging everyone not to make contact with wild animals including stray cats and dogs. If you are bitten, you are asked to secure the animal (if possible) or get a detailed description of the animal. You are also asked to wash the wound with soap and water or with antiseptic, and call a physican. 

So far, 9 cases of rabies have been confirmed in the Texas panhandle:

Sherman county - 1 skunk

Hansford county - 2 skunks and 1 cat

Ochiltree county - 4 skunks

Lipscomb county - 1 skunk

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