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Abuse Victims Get Help From the State

Angie Stovall Angie Stovall
Terry Easterling Terry Easterling

Abuse victims all across Texas can now put an extra layer of protection between them and their attacker. As of Monday, the Attorney General put a program into effect that's designed to keep victims safer.

Attorney General Greg Abbot is making sure thier attackers don't know where they live. It's all part of the Addresses Confidentiality Program. Here's how it all breaks down... Victims of sexual assault, family violence or stalking can now register their address as anonymous. They'll be given a P.O. Box to list on their drivers license, school ID or any other government document. Their mail is then sifted through by the attorney general and then forwarded to their current residence.

Crisis Services Coordinator Angie Stovall says locally, the impact of this program will not go unnoticed. "Some abusers pull out all the stops when they are tracking their victim so that means if the victim relocates it's worthless of that abuser can track them down and continue to harrass, stalk or abuse them."

Signing up for this program is as easy. Victims can sign up at crisis centers or any local law enforcement office. The phone number to Family Support Services in Amarillo is (806) 342-2527. You can also call the 24-Hour hotline at (806) 374-LIFE.

The vast majority of sexual abuse victims know their attackers, so this program isn't going to help them all that much, but sex offender official Terry Easterling says he thinks it still is beneficial. "If this only protects 2% of the victims then it's well worth it. Anything that we can do to help protect the victims is worth the effort."

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