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Shumate Trial: Day Two

Witnesses took the stand today in the public corruption case against Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate. Tuesday was the first day of testimony... the jury was sworn in and opening statements were given.

Prosecuting Attorney David Glickler went over the three indictments with the jury. One count of bribery and two counts of unlawful campaign contribution.

Defense attorney Seldon Hale in his opening statements talked about Shumate's time as a Marine and work with the Amarillo Police Department. He also discussed the character of Shumate's ex-wife which they says initiated the investigation.

Prosecutors presented stacks of evidence and witnesses who they say can link Shumate to unlawful campaign contributions and bribery. Two witnesses testified on Tuesday, one a security officer (of fraud) from a local bank and the other a lead F.B.I agent in the case.

Prosecutor's evidence consisted of receipts from several Amarillo, restaurants and trips from all over the state, which they say connects Mid-America food service and Sheriff Shumate.

Prosecutors tried to establish the Sheriff and Mid-America had a close relationship which claims Shumate attended one of the deceased owner's funeral.

Defense attorney's did not agree with some of the evidence presented. They said it was "hear-say". Claiming Shumate's signature was not on the transactions presented, so it does not prove Summate was conspiring with the food service company... To get them a contract with the county.

More witnesses and testimony are expected to be presented in the trial.

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