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Abuse Victims Getting Help From the State

Texas Senator Kel Seliger Texas Senator Kel Seliger

Abuse victims can rest easier tonight...the state is taking action to protect them. The state's newest program is called the Address Confidentiality Program aimed at protecting the addresses of victims of family violence, sexual abuse and stalking.

Here's how it works... Victims can sign up at any local abuse shelter or law enforcement agency. Once enrolled in the program, they are given a P.O. Box address that will be printed on their drivers license or any government document. The state Attorney General's office will sift through their mail and then make sure it gets to them at their current address.

Texas Senator Kel Seliger of Amarillo voted yes to the program. He says "We don't want a situation where people can be victimized twice with the state as the accomplice the second time. Victims of crime - clearly they'll be confronted in court by the people accused. Outside of court it's important they have some degree of privacy and in a lot of cases it means some degree of safety."

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