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Living Spaces WINNER Chasity Nachtigall

1. First Time Home Owner - I want to have the same pride in my yard as I do my home.
2. I've worked hard in my yard...spent time and money, but I need professional help.
3. I help take care of nieces and nephews...would love to have a nice safe place for them to play.
4. My family and friends are very important to me. I would like to cookouts and family get togethers.
5. I would like to use my backyard for Bible Studies with church groups and youth groups.
6. Busy school teacher and youth sports coach...need the help!
7. My dog is like my child...really need a yard/fence to keep him safe.
8. My neighbors have a really nice yard and I want my to be as nice as theirs :-)
9.I can just imagine a new beautiful yard I could spend my free time in...It would be like a mini vacation every day!
10. I promise to take care of and love my new backyard makeover!
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