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How To Save Money on Your Air Conditioning Bill

Jim Craig, SCOTTCO Heating and Cooling Jim Craig, SCOTTCO Heating and Cooling

With gas prices on the rise, who needs to spend extra cash on air conditioning? you don't. Spending just five minutes doing some home maintenance on your unit could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Just because we saw record breaking temperatures on Monday, doesn't mean your air conditioning bill has to reach a record high. To make sure yours doesn't soar this summer, there are a few things you can do. For starters...when you're mowing your grass, make sure grass clippings don't get lodged in the coils. Jim Craig at SCOTTCO Heating and Cooling says "an air conditioner will only put out as much air as it takes in, so the more dirt and debris you have stuck in the coils, the more it restricts the air flow."

Cleaning out those grass clippings doesn't take much effort. "All you need to do is go out there once or twice a season, kill the power to the unit, turn on the hose, and wash it out real good." Another money saving tip for you... keeping your thermostat set at a constant temperature is more cost efficient than changing it throughout the day. You let the house warm up from lets say 72 to 77, by the time the house cools back down, you spent a lot of money cooling the furniture, the walls, and the carpet, so it will be a while before your feel the cooling."

Here's some bad news for us in the steamy Texas panhandle... Craig says air conditioners in general are designed to work efficiently up to 95 degrees, after that, they'll work, but not as well as they could, even if you keep it clean.

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