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Cloned Quarter Horses...The Future of Racing

Dr. Gregg Veneklasen Dr. Gregg Veneklasen
Tom Persechino, The American Quarter Horse Association Tom Persechino, The American Quarter Horse Association

The only man in the United States to clone quarter horses is in the Panhandle and owners would like to see their famous horse on the race track again.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with The American Quarter Horse Association today about the future of cloned horses in professional racing.

The association's current policy prohibits registering cloned horses with the association. Today I spoke with a member of a local chapter who says we may see changes to that policy as early as 2009.

American quarter horses have been cloned for over two years in the U.S. and this coming March they may be given a chance to race.

Tom Persechino says, "It will probably occur in march of 2009. Now I don't know exactly what that will be yet because they are still in the information gathering stage of it but i think you can expect some sort of cloning presentation in 2009."

While cloned horses can not professionally race Dr. Gregg Veneklasen says they may be on the race track sooner than you might think.

I think the Quarter Horse Association has to deal with this. It's here, there are stallions that are of breeding age right now. In 5-7 years i truly believe we'll see horses on the race track.

Dr. Veneklasen says cloning horses will one day benefit everyone in the United States. "The technology exists to clone anything. Cloned cats, dogs, we've cloned some endangered species which will be a great thing for cloning. It's amazing it's happneing right here. "

Dr. Veneklasen says cloning is also connected to stem cell research that will reproduce vital organs and tissue.

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