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24 Year Old Missing Plane Found in Lake Meredith

The names of a pilot and passenger in a 24 year old case of a missing plane have been released tonight.

Steven Lampe, and Larry Lucas were reportedly flying a plane that took off from Tradwinds Airport and never made it back. After decades of speculation, we now know it crashed into Lake Meredith.

It was a cold winter day in 1984 when the Beech 77 disappeared.

And after much speculation, the families of the victims, and the park rangers who searched for the plane can now have closure.

Harbor Bay is the closest spot to see the missing two seater plane that's been gone for almost a quarter century.

"Over the years the story has grown people have speculated there is no plane, there is a plane. it's like the lockness monster. No one knew if it was their or not," said Rozanna Pfeiffer, the National Park Service Spokeswoman at Lake Meredith.

Some rangers who still work at the lake and remember the winter of '84.

When pieces of ice covered the lake, which was nearly 40 feet deeper than it is now.

Ed Day spent many hours trying to find the plane.

"I went out a lot of days to search and we thought we covered every possibility we could cover," said Ed Day a park ranger.

The search reportedly covered every square inch of the lake and even included sonar brought in from Houston.

But after several months the search was called off.

Still, Day thought the plane was in the lake and would be found eventually.

"If the lake goes dry, which it looks like it's going to. Unless it's covered up with silt then we're gonna find it," Day said.

Now that the plane has finally been found, the investigation can wrap-up.

"We had to notify the families and now we're expecting the FAA and the NTSB will probably send some representatives to look at it and let them close out their case files and then they'll let us know what they're gonna do with it," Pfeiffer said.

The park service wants to remind anyone who plans on heading out to look at the plane.

It is still an active crime scene and people are encouraged to look from a distance.

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