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Police Need Your Help to Solve Unsolved Murders in 2008

Not counting this latest murder... There are four unsolved homicides so far this year in Amarillo.

Crystal Dawn Booker, Andrew Santos, Max Stanhope, and Loc Dang... They are names you may not remember... But they are names police won't forget until their cases are solved.

A cold January day. The body of 21 year old Crystal Dawn Booker is found in a field near the 68 hundred block of I-40 East.

Lt. Gary Trupe with Special Crimes says, "We have evidence submitted to the lab we are hopeful that there is going to be a DNA specimen that is there that was found on the body that if we get a suspect we can compare it."

18 year old Andrew Santos was known for pulling a woman from her burning home...

That was two years before his car was rammed into a column at the Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union in March... Killing him.

Lt. Trupe says, "There are some other things that have come around, there may be some movement with that case."

77 year old Max Stanhope was brutally beaten to death after walking in on his home being robbed. There are few clues in this three week old case.. But passion to solve it is high..

"It is very sad, that a 77 year old man lost his life over change. He couldn't defend himself, he was in bad health, bad lungs, couldn't walk. And then to be beaten and stabbed in your own home. The whole unit is upset and wanting to solve that and really wanting to do what's right."

Loc Dang took off after robbers... And ended up being shot multiple times in his upper body.

There is hope for a resolution soon.

In fact Lt. Trupe says he will be releasing information about the Dang murder.

Unsolved Dang Murder Solved as of May 31. Read the Story here.

We will continue to keep you updated.

If you have any information on these cases Potter-Randall Special Crimes detectives ask you call them at 378-9468.

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