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A Dangerous Combination...Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Dr. Kashif Ali Dr. Kashif Ali

If you enjoy energy drinks there is a dangerous combination medical professionals say you should avoid...adding alcohol to your drink.

Creighton Baird says jager bombs and vodka red bulls are popular drinks at parties he attends.

People drink the combination to feel a "high" he says can not be created without both the alcohol and energy drink.

"And so you are hyped up but you are drunk at the same time which makes you feel like you were, I mean you feel like you're superman when you're drunk away, but you feel like when you mix alcohol with an energy drink you feel like you can take on the world," Creighton says.

That feeling of invincibility is what a local doctor says is the energy drink masking the intoxicating effects of the alcohol creating the illusion of being alert.

Dr. Kashif Ali says, "Yeah they feel great, they're dillusional. There's a lot of grandiocity in it that I'm somebody and it's basically a euphoric state."

But Creighton says he has recently seen the negative effects of the combination.

"Yeah actually my friend two weeks ago bought like a case of them and I guess he had one too many because it got his heart racing really fast and he had to spend time in the hospital for like two days."

Dr. Ali says high levels of caffeine mixed with alcohol can also produce chronic headaches, impair judgment, and boost heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels.

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